Ways to Bond with Your Daughter this Summer


Graduation is an exciting time in your family’s life. For you as a mother, however, it can also be a nerve –wracking experience. Graduation is the event when all the sudden you realize your child will be moving away; whether it’s off to college or into the real world, you’ll be forced to let them go.

But not quite yet.

Summer is less than a week away and is the perfect opportunity for you to strengthen your relationship with your daughter. Now is the time when you can remind her that you will always be there – even if she thinks she won’t need you.

The following are three activities that you and your daughter should squeeze into your schedules this summer. These activities will give you the chance to strengthen your mother-daughter relationship.

Exercising together

If your daughter is getting ready to head to college or into the real world, “looking good” is on her mind. One way to offer your support, in addition to spending time with her, is by suggesting exercising together.

Doing a fitness class like Zumba or Boot Camp will help you bond because you’ll naturally support each other; if she’s having difficulty doing ten pushups, you’ll be right by her side encouraging her.

Likewise, going for walks together will give you a chance to exercise and catch up on each others’ lives. Whether it’s every Sunday morning or every Wednesday night, exercising together will be the time you need to spend together.

Shop together

It’s no surprise that women love to shop. As a result, start a new tradition where you offer to take your daughter shopping once a month. If she’s college-bound, then she’ll appreciate you offering to pay. If she’s heading into the real world, then she’ll appreciate your advice on what’s “work appropriate.”

As any woman knows, there is no time limit on shopping; so there is a strong possibility that you’ll end up spending an entire day with your daughter doing some retail therapy.

Dine together

It was nice when the kids were young and family dinners were an everyday event. Yet, somehow as the kids shifted into junior high and eventually high school, you were lucky if you got them to join you for one meal a week.  

As a result, making one meal out of the week a “mother-daughter date” can be a sure way to reconnect. Having dinner dates is a great way to ensure time together because no matter how busy her schedule is, you know she’ll eventually sit down to eat – and why not make sure that meal is with you.

Just because your daughter is growing up and moving into college or the city, it doesn’t mean that you have to let her go entirely; it just means that you have to figure out where you’ll fit into her new life.

Fitness, shopping and dining are three activities that she will probably do anyways. Therefore, it’s an easy activity to suggest that you do together. She may not need you for car rides anymore but now, more than ever, is the time when she’ll need all the advice you can give. This summer is the perfect time to start.

Sylvia Rosen is a web content writer with a background in newspaper journalism. She enjoys writing about relationships, family lifestyles and home services such as home security systems.  


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    Oh….I miss this.

    Cherish every moment everyone. Time is precious, and in the end it’s all we have.

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