Summer Cocktail Recipe: Gin Arnold Palmer

I wish it was summer all year long. I love spending days poolside with my friends and family taking in the sunlight. And there is something so special about a warm summer night when it gets dark late, fireflies come out, and the pool water becomes warmer than the air. Another thing I love about summer? Cookouts and celebrations! It starts with Memorial Day, then there’s father’s day, the Fourth of July, and then Labor Day.

Each of these celebrations is an excuse to eat some yummy food and have delicious drinks. One of my favorite cocktails to take to a summer celebration is a Gin Arnold Palmer drink. I’m not sure if this drink has an official name — I’ve heard the vodka variety called “Naughty Arnold Palmer” — but the Gin Arnold Palmer is a rarer drink, and I’m letting you in on the secret!

I first had this drink last summer when my soon-to-be-mother-in-law made if for her Fourth of July party. It’s light, refreshing, and cold.


  • 1 cup water
  • 4 iced tea bags
  • 1 cup frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed
  • 1 cup gin (I recommend Tanqueray!)
  • 2 cups sparkling water
  • Ice


  1. Steep one cup of boiling water with four tea bags for 15 minutes. Let chill.
  2. In a pitcher, combine the thawed lemonade concentrate, chilled tea, gin, and sparkling water.
  3. Stir, and serve the drink over ice.

And lastly, as a side note, I must warn you that this drink is strong. My future mom-in-law recommends cutting the gin to a 1/2 cup, especially if you plan to sip on them in the sun all day :)

Author bio: Sarah Beckman is a content writer at Affordable Scarves where she blogs on topics like how to style the perfect summer scarf. In her spare time, Sarah is very busy planning her October 1 wedding!


  1. won says:

    This is awesome. The couple times a year that I do drink, I like to drink gin the best. I never know anything to do with it but mix it with tonic, though.

    I’m printing this out. And who knows…maybe I’ll wind up drinking twice this summer ;)

  2. Nichol says:

    MMM I could have one now, since it’s the weekend:)

  3. Lyn says:

    A woman who knows her Gin!

  4. Samantha K @ says:

    This looks great and I will definitely try it. Pefect for summer.

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