How often should you post on your blog?



This is a major question that you will need to deal with once you start blogging. Should you do it daily, weekly or monthly? In fairness there is not a right or wrong answer to this question and it will all depend on your target market and blogging style. Below you will find the different factors that may impact your blogging frequency and I hope that will help you take the best decision.

Types of market

There are some niches where it might be right to post once a week while there are some other cases where you will need to post on a daily basis. For instance a blogger that covers financial issues will be able to manage with one post weekly provided that it is well-researched and detailed while someone that is in the soccer niche might need to post on a daily basis to cover all the transfer rumors.

In this case your blogging frequency will depend on the niche that you are in.


I am sure that you have heard that blogging can be useful for SEO. Indeed the search engine bots love fresh content and blogs do offer a lot of content. In case you are using blogging as a means to improve your ranking then it might be important that you blog as often as you can. Then it might be important that you blog as often as you can.


Another factor that will influence your blogging frequency is the interaction on your site.  The more often you post on your site the less time people may have to read your post completely. Instead they will rather skim through and this can lead fewer comments on your blog.

Conversely the less often you post, visitors will have more time to read your posts thoroughly and hence comment on your blog. Also people will tend to come back to the blog in order to reply to their original comments.

Own Resources

The frequency at which you post will also depend on your own resources. In some niches it might be difficult to post content on a daily basis as there are some researches that need to be carried out. If you have the necessary resources you might want to outsource your content creation in order to increase the amount of post on your blog.


Before finishing I will like to stress that there is not a right or answer when it comes to blogging. This is why it might be important that you make also some experiments and try to find out how your visitors will respond to changes in blogging frequency. For this you will need to pay close attention to your site analytics and find out what work for your own blog.

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  1. Brandy says:

    I write every 6 hours when I have enough content to schedule. This is a combination of usually personal posts, work at home and/or blogging support posts in addition to some paid content. Lately I haven’t been scheduling as frequently but my ideal daily posts would be every 6 hours so that I can touch on all of the topics and readers interested within a 24 hour period while also getting some revenue from paid content in between. This has worked in the past but lately life is busy so I try at least two times per day to have something scheduled. I don’t write daily I usually schedule all weekly content on Sunday. This frees up my week and allows me to do what I stay home working to do, be with my kids!

  2. I try to write whenever I am in the mood to write. Sometimes it is a few times a day, someones once a day. Then there are times when I got a day or two without posting. I figure its my blog so its my schedule.

  3. This is tricky. There are bloggers out there who post 10 times a day and others who post once a week. I think it depends on readership and content.

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