Gifts for Dad: Living Landscapes HD Collection


Looking for the perfect soothing gift for Dad this Father’s Day?  Why not show him just how special he is by giving him a gift of relaxation.  We always seem to focus on just how stressful the lives of moms tend to be but DAD also has a lot going on making sure his family has the things they need and playing the role of protector.  The role of Dad is not an easy one either and sometimes they could use a day to relax and unmind just like us. Especially if they go to a job day in and and day out that is stressful.  So why not help Dad de-stress this father’s day with a gift of Relaxation from Living Landscapes from HDEnvironmnets.

The Product

The Living Landscapes HD Collection brings the World’s Most Beautiful Places to life through the magic of high definition video and 5.1 surround sound. These mesmerizing programs transform your living room into a sensory-immersive Living Landscape. This is an entirely new use for HD home video technology. Use it anywhere or anytime you want to enjoy a beautiful piece of natural landscape art. For a true nature experience, programs feature naturally recorded surround-sound and relaxing music.

The Highlights

  • Transform your home theatre or HDTV into a continually changing work of living art.
  • Bring the experience of nature’s most inspiring environments to life in photo quality HD
  • Create inspiring moods for parties and social events
  • Provide a relaxing background for your home or business
  • Discover a great alternative to traveling to exotic locations


Each program features one of the world’s most stunning and inspiring places of beauty . The Blu-ray menu allows you to select your choice of nature sounds or 5.1 music mixed with field-recorded natural surround-sound. All the scenes were shot and produced by an award winning team of professional travel program producers using the latest state of the art HDcam equipment and mastered in full 1080i/1080p HD video formats. Programs automatically repeat to provide an immersive nature environment. The optional music tracks are performed by award winning composers Gary Malkin, Steven Halpern, Steve Cossu, Raphael Sharpe and others.

The Review

We received the Living Landscapes:  The World’s Most Beautiful Places on Blu Ray and you would just have to take my word as to how beautifully these landmarks are captured.  They are completely mesmerizing.  When Living Landscapes was first introduced to me, I thought this would the perfect gift for my husband to enjoy and unwind after work.   It’s unique, different and he loves nature so I figured I could not go wrong.  I was right, He Loved It!   

The picture quality is great with crisp, clean clear vibrant colors.   The depthness of the picture really takes you there as if your are in that moment, place and time.  The very first time we sat down to watch, we must have spent an hour or more taking it all in.  We did not realize how much time had passed but I guess thats what happens when you are relaxed and have a sense of calm.

The visuals and music are so relaxing, I’ve found myself using it for meditation.  I also have one running during the day while working. It helps the day go by and sometimes I forget I’m actually working.   Well not totally,but helps me get through the day better.   It’s also great for helping you unmind at night when it’s time for shut eye.  Those of you you have trouble falling asleep, this DVD would be perfect for you.  I’m so glad I had the opportunity to review Living Landscapes HD: The World’s Most Beautiful Places.

World’s Most Beautiful Places is highly recommended.  A great gift to enjoy the world’s most beautiful places that some of use may never get to personally. It also makes a great screen saver!

  Take a look for yourself!

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