Essential Tips When Working From Home



On the surface working from home sure does serve up a lot of benefits. No longer do you need to endure the daily commute where you find yourself in a jam-packed train or highway berating the woes of life. Moreover you don’t need to deal with a terrifying boss face to face or with colleagues who involve you in the minutiae of office politics for you are free to snack away at home to your heart’s content and spin in your office chair as you please.

There are, however, some subtle but important changes that you need to make in order maximize your productive time. Here are a few easy steps to help you get started and make the most out of your day:

Make sure you have a dedicated workspace

It is very important that you have a decent personal workspace. It may be a study or a kitchen table, a shed or the garden. Just remember that wherever you pick you need to ensure it’s of a decent size and that the chair you use regularly provides maximum back support.

Be sure to clear all the clutter from your room to reduce distractions and to create a harmonious working environment. Arrange your books and your files in an orderly easy to hand way because, after all, a chaos-free room will result in chaos-free mind.

Take the time to dress and shower

Taking a shower each morning, just like regular, will freshen up both your mind and body for the day ahead. It can be quite easy to get into a routine of slouching about in your pajamas or tracksuit but doing this can make you feel down and dowdy. Not only that but should unexpected visitors come a calling you will be unprepared so for the sake of mind, body and spirit stick to your daily morning routine.

Make a task list and work it through

When you are working from home you will easily find all manner of distractions. Make sure that you write a To-Do List every day so that you will remain guided on what needs to be achieved by the close of play.

This is an excellent means of ensuring you feel a sense of satisfaction when look back on all the cross through’s come nightfall. This is particularly important if you are someone who likes acknowledgment of your efforts for you will no longer have a comforting pat on the shoulder from a boss or colleague to earn yourself kudos. Moreover writing a To-Do list helps you focus on certain tasks and it will make you feel that you are making headway despite the open ended nature of the work-load.

Don’t let loneliness get the better of you

Working from home is indeed an isolating experience and there are a lot of people who can quickly feel lonely. When you are isolated you end up craving for the company of your close friends or loved ones. Of course you can do something about this –try going out! This doesn’t mean that you go out and leave your work undone but take your work out. Go to a coffee shop with Wi-Fi service and work for a period where you can see a lot of people. Another option is to hot-desk. This method includes renting an office space when required and working alongside other people in creative industries. If nothing else it can be a great way to network.

Avoid distractions

Since you don’t have a boss or floor manager constantly keeping an eye on your work, you need to motivate yourself. There are any number of online temptations out there that can easily grab turn your attention from your work. Whilst it is fine to indulge to some degree, after all you no doubt did on occasion at your old office job, you need to set a time limit if updating your social networks, forums, replying to emails or even checking out new sites.

As a rule I like to break my day into to 30 minute chunks. I will work on a task for 25 minutes and then stand up and stretch, make coffee or just have a moment to think before then starting another task for 25 minutes with another 5 minute break at the end. This way the work flows are time and attention focused with a little reward at the end. Just mind out you don’t end up drinking too much coffee!

Josh Aggars – About The Author

Josh Aggars is a well published travel writer who combines his twin passions of surfing and travelling to explore the wider World. He travels everywhere in his battered old havaianas flip flops which remain his favourite mens flip flops style after years on the road. Connect with him at at any time for working from home and travel tips and advice.


  1. Alison says:

    Hahahaha. I’m still in my PJs right now.

    • Dee says:

      You know the good or bad apart about that. I am too! lol

      • Alison says:

        Lol but your like 2 hours behind me! It’s 9 mins past noon here. Than someone will come and I have to sign for a package and I will be embarrassed. And damn the baby is sleeping in the room so I can’t change. ugh.

  2. Pam says:

    I always shower and even most days put on makeup. It just helps to motivate me.

    Great post!

    • Josh Aggars says:

      Good on you Pam. I agree, maintaining a routine like that is important for motivation. It helps get you in a professional mood.

  3. That take the time to dress and shower thing? Brat, brat, brat!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Distractions are the bane of my existence!

    • Josh Aggars says:

      Distractions are even worse in the summer months with the kids playing outside. That is why I had to set up my office away from the garden or else I feel tempted to go and join the fun! Water fights are appealing when bored with work tasks! ;-)

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