Contemplating Our Next Adventure


Everything about getting married is nerve racking. From the first phone call for a first date (or in my case a first phone call saying, “Hey, I forgot my baseball mitt in your car, can I drop by and get it. Oh and by the way, will you go to a movie with me?”) to the attempted surprise honeymoon.

There are millions of ways that something can and will go wrong. For us, this came the day after our wedding. Standing in a rental car garage at 10 o’clock in the evening, we were told that our car reservation was invalid because neither my wife nor I were at least 25 years old. Yes, I had checked and rechecked every reservation (the rental car included), and being stranded at the airport instead of relaxing in DC’s famed Mayflower hotel was not a part of my plan.

Forgetting all of our aspirations of independence and freedom, we began calling everyone we knew. Finally, a good friend made the twenty-minute drive to the airport, co-signed our rental, and handed me the keys. My beautiful bride and I were then off – to face a world that would, for the rest of the week at least, be bright, beautiful, and carefree. That peace, of course, didn’t last. In fact, the week we returned to our Utah apartment, the transmissions on both of our cars went out, setting us back $4,000 and leaving us to manage without a car.

During this first year of our marriage, we have begun to learn how to settle disagreements, make difficult decisions and understand each other’s emotions. Until we find ourselves perfect, caught up in some sort of ethereal happiness never again to face stress, disappointment, or discord, our tranquil stay on the eastern seaboard will remain a memory of a time when life was simple. It will remain a memory of a time when we forgot about our grades, student loans, divorced parents, and job changes, and instead put all of our effort into getting to know each other.

Now I’m sitting here, thinking about our first year together, and contemplating our next adventure. I’ve always wanted to visit Rio de Janiero, Brazil, but my wife wants us to stay in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

 Which sounds the best to you?

This is a guest post written by Joe who happens to love adventure based upon his first year of marriage.


  1. Amber says:

    Being able ot get away for a vacation at all is half the battle. But, if there is any disagreement write down the names of the places on seperate pieces of paper and put them in a hat. Have a nutural party draw the winning slip of paper from the hat. *Remember, half the battle is just having the opproturnity to get away. So, I think either place would be the winning pick. Let us all know where you end up going.

  2. As far as Latin America, my dream has been to travel to Argentina. Buenos Aires is known as “the Paris of South America”. I’ve heard that Brazil is dangerous.

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