Cheap Restaurant Outings With Kids


Too many restaurant outings can definitely put a dent in your budget, especially if you go out with the entire family. These tips will allow you to maintain your budget and have fun with some cheap restaurant outings with your kids!

Only With a Coupon

Coupons aren’t just for groceries anymore. A variety of restaurants offer coupons and special deals, and the best way to find out about these is to sign up for email from your favorites. You’ll receive consistent email with the latest offers that you can print and use on an outing with your family.

Another option is to focus on local restaurants, which often provide coupons through your region’s Entertainment® Book as well as community coupon books distribute in your area. These often contain coupons that allow you to buy one meal and get one free, which equals considerable savings on your final bill.

Split and Share

If buy one, get one coupons aren’t available, consider ordering a meal that you and another member of your family can share. Servings provided for a meal in a restaurant tend to be larger than we need or can eat, especially when partnered with salad or bread served before the main entree.
Kids Eat Free
Mainstream restaurants have started to offer deals where kids can eat free with adults who purchase entrees. These offers generally can’t be combined with any available coupons, but can help you save money when eating in a restaurant with your family. A quick internet search can help narrow down which restaurants in your area offer a Kids Eat Free deal.
Hydrate With Water

It might be tempting to order drinks that contain alcohol, but they can exponentially add to your bill. Instead, stick with drinks that are refillable while you dine, such as coffee, tea, soda or lemonade. A free option would be to simply drink water, which is refreshing and can be jazzed up with a couple of slices of lemon!

Out to Lunch

Instead of heading out to dinner, take your family out to a special lunch instead. Overall, dinners cost more per person, while lunches are often the same portion sizes but are lighter on your wallet. Box up any leftovers to eat the next day, which will stretch your dollar even further!
Kelly Wilson is a busy mom and freelance writer who loves to take her family out to lunch in eateries like BJ Willy’s, a restaurant in West Linn, Oregon.


  1. Kasey says:

    The sharing is a great idea, but it always makes me feel uncomfortable – we compromised and adults only eat half and we box it up for the next day work lunch, so we save some money – also, we’ve run into additional charges to split entrees!

  2. Louise says:

    I love going to places where the kids can eat free. What great advice!

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