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The fact that I L.O.V.E to shop is no real secret.  In fact, when I’m able to find the best bargains and Hot Deals then my shopping mission has been complete …..until the next time that is.  Somewhere along the way, I fell in love with clothes, accessories, shoes, electronics and kitchen appliances.  It’s a love affair I can’t seem to break.  Luckily for me, it’s one that my husband doesn’t have a major problem with if I can get him an occasional gadget, music CD or DVD.

Since I do the majority of my shopping online, I was glad to recently discover   Finding the best deal is always my priority and I like the idea of being able to comparison shop without leaving the comfort of my home.   The neat part about Joe Shopping is that you can shop and socialize at the same time.  The online community comes in handy when you have questions about certain products.  It’s like having your best friend there with you when you need a second opinion.   They even offer product reviews which I think is a great feature since I like to read reviews before making a purchase, especially large ticket items!

Signing up is easy once you do so, you can start earning Joe Points and badges. Badges are given for performing various activities like signing , editing your profile or writing a review. The more active you are the more badges you receive. Joe Points are converted into sweepstakes entries that can be used to win!!

I think I have a little shopping to do so I’m going to go ahead and do a little browsing to start earning me some points.  Did I mention that my husband is a huge sports fan?  I think; I’ll browse around and check out some of the latest coupons for Modells.  If I’m lucky, I bet I can get a great deal. 

So instead of fighting crowds in stores, or looking for a parking space… I think I’ll stick to shopping online and take advantage of some of the great deals at Joe   If you like shopping online, go check out and see for yourself. Hopefully you will find a few deals for yourself. 

Happy Shopping!


  1. I love any site that helps me find a deal lol

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