Dads and Grads


With Graduation Day and Father’s Day coming up soon, I’ve been thinking a lot about what would be the ideal gift for both my step-daughter and hubby.  They both in their own little way have been hinting  pestering me about a new laptop.  It’s just so funny how all of a sudden, flyers are left on my desk or you over hear comments about just how wrong things are going with our current set up. 

A laptop for Monie would be great to accompany her on the great adventure that we call higher education so I’m sold on that idea.   For Dad, I’m still trying to decide which type will work for him.  Whichever one we choose,  I want it to be really nice because he is somehow always getting my old desktop or laptops once I get on my upgrading kick so I think he is deserving of one to call his own.    He loves entertainment and music so it has to have a few things like as  a good sound card, Dvd and cd burner.  You know,  all the bells and whistles for his entertainment!

My current Desktop is an HP and I LOVE it so we will definitely be sticking with that brand.  What I love about it, is that HP has so many different models to choice from like, laptops for students, HP business laptops and more  so I’m sure finding the perfect one for him will be a breeze.  

Father’s Day and Graduation Shopping should be a whole lot less stressful for me this year.    No more running around to find the perfect gift when I already know.   I’m sort of glad I was given those not so subtle hints about what “my grad” and “hubby” wants this year.  It has surely made things a whole lot simplier.

Do you have a Dad or Grad you will be shopping for soon?  What are some of your ideas you have come up with ?  Or what have they been hinting around for?


  1. Forget Dads and Grads, Momma needs a new computer ;)

    • Dee says:

      Lol. So True! Mine is practically new and I’ve been looking at others.

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