Been Hit By The Vacation Bug

I must have been hit by the traveling bug .  Not only am I excited and anticipating our summer trip to “Destin”, I’ve also been dreaming of a winter vacation in the mountains.

I know… before you say it, I should be enjoying this wonderful spring weather we are having and anticipate the lovely summer days ahead.

Truth is …I really am.

john morgan

But with all the hype of our vacation this year, it just got me thinking of other places, I have hopes of visiting one day.  This is coming from a lady you hadn’t had a vacation in over 5+ plus years so on a day like today when I had not much to do, I started to do some searching and lots of it.   Since I’ve always wanted to visit Utah, I came across these beautiful rentals in park city and so fell in love.  Another option might be a timeshare as a timeshare value could be really nice if you played your cards right and really took time out for vacations. Not that I’m looking to purchase one at this time but when taken into consideration, a vacation rental would be ideal for weekend getaway or extended stays.

We won’t be staying in a vacation home on our upcoming trip but for future trip planning it is something definitely to look into.  But for now I have to think about one trip at a time and for now it’s Destin, Baby!

photo:  sporadic

The kids are excited, moms is excited and so is hubby.  We are looking to having a fabulous time on the beach and who knows, maybe next year; I may be hitting the slopes.

Do you have any vacation plans this year?  If so, where are you heading?


  1. Oh that sounds FANTASTIC! I’m jealous!

  2. Brandy says:

    It seems we are thinking alike, vacation! I so want to go somewhere for a weekend this year. The man of the house can’t get any work nights off, so it would have to be a Saturday and Sunday night … on a weekend my daughter isn’t at her Father’s house. With planning a vacation here it seems it is more work than fun planning, but I so need and want one this year.

    I think you all will have a blast, no wonder your mind is on vacation mode!

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