Avoiding Work at Home Scams



Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to make money from the sanctity of his or her own home?  Fortunately, the booming of the Internet has made the possibility of working from home easier than ever before.  “Work at Home” jobs cover a variety of areas ranging from home scrapbooking parties to fundraising to one-on-one Jewelry sales, so there really is something out there for everyone.  However, for many mothers, the idea of “working from home” seems too good to be true.  Can people really make a decent amount of money without leaving the house?  Indeed, there are numerous work at home scams scattered all over the Internet, but for every scam there are dozens of genuine work at home job opportunities waiting for you.  The key is finding the legitimate businesses, and deciding which one is best for you.


For years the matter of not only finding a work at home program that wouldn’t take advantage of you, but also finding one that legitimately interests you was no easy task.  Online work at home job listings can be extremely confusing, and are often sponsored by some of the very businesses they advertise, creating a gray area for legitimate job search.  Fortunately, a new tool is available to help explore the hundreds of legitimate work at home possibilities, while also offering a comprehensive way to compare each prospect with an objective side-by-side assessment. 

 FindTheBest’s Work At Home Comparison Tool organizes hundreds of real Work at Home opportunities by several objective categories including Company Name, Country, Product Categories, Sales Method and Startup Kit Price, helping you to thoroughly review your options and find what is truly best for you.  Here is a look at the Work at Home Businesses with the 6 Cheapest Startup Kits.

If you find the right option for you, working from home can be an enjoyable way to make a little bit of cash on the side while not having to sacrifice the amount of time spent taking care of things around your home.  Check out FindTheBest.com to explore your options, compare your favorites, and get on your way to a successful work at home employment opportunity!



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    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Very helpful info! Thanks!!

  3. Nice article! Keep it up. I have been a work at home mom for the last three years and I have my share of ups and downs. I have not tried buying those online kits that will help you earn money as I always work as a freelance writer (might try them in the near future though, would need to discuss it with hubby first). The best thing about this job is the flexibility of the schedule. Aside from that, I do not need to leave the house to earn a living. With this kind of work, I am 100% hands on when it comes to rearing my kids.

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