Traveling and Organization Tips

Traveling and Organization Tips

For longer trips (or when possible), rent an apartment with a washer and dryer instead of booking a hotel room.  Having on-site laundry facilities will allow you to bring fewer clothes!

If you don’t have laundry access, include some dryer sheets in your suitcase.  Not only will they help avoid static cling, but your clothes will stay smelling fresh.

Designate a drawer in your house that’s dedicated to travel.  In mine, I keep extra batteries, vitamins, a toiletry kit filled with travel size items like sunscreen, shampoo and a toothbrush, and anything else that’s a must-have on the road.  That way, I can pack and go on short notice!

Before I put anything in my suitcase, I lay everything out on my bed to take an inventory of what I’d like to include.  This allows me to see how much I’m really bringing and helps me edit items I don’t need.

When packing your suitcase, pack up, not out.  It’s a simple rule, but it will make your suitcase more streamlined and easier to close!  Also, make sure to pack the heaviest items, like shoes, on the bottom.

Divide and conquer!  I keep my carry-on organized with multiple small zip pouches, and the contents are organized by color.  For example, my iPhone charger goes in the green pouch, receipts in the yellow pouch, foreign currency in pink, jewelry in orange, etc.  That way, I can open up my tote or handbag and see exactly where everything is!

I travel with the Orbit stroller.  Genius!  I park it planeside and grab the handy bag that is attached to the bottom of the stroller.  It houses all baby necessities and has an easy shoulder strap.

Once through security buy a bottle of water that can live in the seat pocket in front of you and can be refilled.  Staying hydrated is essential for great-looking skin while traveling!

Membership has its privileges!  I book all my travel through the Fine Hotels and Resorts program available with my Platinum AMEX card. Room upgrades, breakfast included, guaranteed 4 p.m. checkout, and special amenities such as a spa credit, are all part of the perks.



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