Pre-Prom Ideas

Prom Night is one of those high school memories that will last a lifetime.   Regardless of the memory, it will always be with us….good, bad, or ugly.  For most high school girls, it is an event that is planned and looked forward to for a long time.  It is of course considered the” high school event of the year” and everything has to be perfect.   The Hair. The Dress. The Date.  All has to be perfect! 

Friendships also play an important role  in how memorable PROM will be.   Now that all the planning is done and the big day has arrived, it’s now time for the fun to begin.  The  Pre-Prom festivities can be just as fun and memorable as the Prom itself.

To help you in creating some fascinating memories, here are some ideas that can help you get the party started. 

Pre Prom Party

It’s your night to shine so why not start your Prom celebrations in style!  Gather a few of your closest friends and start this magical night with a pre-prom party.  Make it original and exciting!  Give your friends and family the chance to share this special occasion and make some unforgettable memories.  It’s also an opportunity for parents to ooh and aah over how fabulous everyone looks!      

Photo Op

Prom is all about getting as many amazing pictures ops you can get.   Schedule a photo-op session before or after the Party.   The house the party is held at is the ideal location for picture taking since everyone will be at that location.  Depending on the set-up, you can choose to have a back drop for the picture taking or a scenic area like a backyard would be suitable for beautiful photographs.  Find a good photographer.  Look within  family and friends first, you just might find a great photographer amongst them who may enjoy taking part.   Make it FUN.  Couples could pose for both serious and funny poses, and of course, you have to have a group photo.   After the big event, the host can gather the prints, distribute each couple’s photos and give each person a copy of the group photo.  This would make for a lasting keepsake.


Toasting has always been an acknowledgment of sharing and celebration as a group.   We use toasts on all sorts of occasions and a prom is no exception.    After the pre-party festivities end and before the big event starts, it is only fitting that the host or hostess may want to provide a toast to his/her friends.  The speech is in many ways an introduction, an explanation that sets the scene.  It could be a reflection of what the school year has been and all of what this special night will bring.   The toast should be should be fun, short and sweet.   They could talk about their future and journey ahead.   Appropriate drinks for the toast could be sparkling waters or a non-alcoholic “cocktail” punch.   This Strawberry-Lemon Punch looks delicious and fitting for the occasion. 

 Limo Ride

Arrive to the Prom in Style.  A limo ride not only gives you a glamorous ride, but it is also a way to make sure everyone arrives safely.   You would have to make arrangements for this in advance.  Waiting to do this at the last minute may result in all vehicles being booked for that night. You will need to give the limo company the location and time to pick up your group.   Depending on the group’s size, you may need to ask each person what they are willing to contribute.  From there, you can choose a limo based on the groups size and then have fun choosing different limousine styles.  Popular choices for teens are usually the Hummers or Lincoln Navigators. 

Prom’s are a once in a life time experience, make sure you get your Prom night right!  Have fun and be safe and you enjoy your big night!



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