Taking Time for Me – Sweet Spa Dreams

There comes a time when we all can use a break and my time has come!  I REALLY DO.  Lately, things have been so chaotic and I need to make time for Me!   I need some Me-time.  Not with the hubby…Not with the girlfriends…just me and some well- deserved alone time.

Photo Credit:  ppacificvancouver

Have you ever been in a situation, where you are being pulled in so many directions you just don’t know what to do besides SCREAM?  Well, I’m at that point so it’s time to “relax”!   I need to start enjoying being me again and that’s what I will do.

The realization came to me today when I felt overwhelmed.  I didn’t feel relaxed, I felt cranky, tired and just not myself.  Something just didn’t feel right so I decided before I let it take control of me; I will “take control”.

Mom’s To Do List:

  1. Take care of Me
  2. Do what makes me Happy
  3. Take a Deep Breath and Relax
  4. Find Time in the Day for Me
  5. Smile and Be Happy

Today, I found that happy place when, I had this vision a comfortable and relaxing retreat.  I imagined the most fantastic spa experience.  Deep cedar soaking tubs, a wood-burning sauna in a Japanese Zen spa garden and the most perfect ambience while I indulge in a wide range of massage and spa treatments while eating chocolate.


photo credit: Dennis Wong

It was fantastic and would definitely make for a perfect spa weekend one day.  Add in some fantastic spa gifts  and you have the perfect escape.

So share with me, what would be your ideal getaway?


  1. Great post! My ideal getaway would be going to Cancun. :)

  2. Anywhere I can go without anyone else for at least 5 minutes! I’m with my little man 24/7 so even a trip to Walmart without him can make my day!

  3. I tell you what I could use a spa day myself. I am not stressed but it could be just the ticket to clear my focus and concentrate easier :)

  4. Louise says:

    I would love to have a spa day. I used to be very nervous about having a spa day but now that I’ve had one, they are AMAZING, so I would have to say that’s what I would want to do

  5. I’d love to try a spa day just to pamper myself once.
    For my ideal getaway it’d probably be a family cruise or vacation.

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