I Want to Learn Web Design

photo credit: laRuth

 The thought came to me recently while thinking about the many things I would like to do to my blog. I’ve seen some beautifully designed blogs out there and I want that same appeal when someone visits my site.    I want to change my layout, dress it up a little and make it more professional looking but my challenge is making it look different and unique from others.  I have great ideas but just not the know- how. 

After hearing others talk about how they were self-taught and all the available web design software out there, I somehow felt motivated.  I have the notion that I can learn web design and do it myself. Am I setting myself up here?  Well regardless, I have my mind set.

Website designers are in abundance and I even have a few blogging friends that do this but I don’t always feel like bothering them with the “little” things.   There are also those times when I have to penny pinch and if I just knew some basics of web design it would be really helpful.  Having a little knowledge of HTML and CSS can’t hurt right?

I know hiring a professional designer would probably give me an overall professional look and may even attract more visitors but I’ve been wanting to learn this for some time and what better time than the present.   I’d love to create a website of my own, just for the fun of it to say I did this! I just need the right website and video software to get the job done. 

I know I probably will not create the perfect website overnight but I will have fun trying. If you have some advice or tips you can give me on this, let me know.  I probably should start looking into some tutorials as well.  I’m really a fast learner so learning would not be an issue.  Finding the time and getting started has always been an issue for me.  Today, no more excuse, I’m on my quest to learning web design.


  1. Lisa says:

    good luck. i’m waiting for my husband to learn!! until then. i hired someone.

    • Dee says:

      hahaha, thats a good way of going about it too..wait for the hubby.

  2. Kitty says:

    My husband uses Dreamweaver. If you have a student ID u can get the student edition. There r two student editions though. I dislike anything that involves coding. I had to take a Intro to Web Design a few years back and it was a real chore to finish the course. The coding reminds me of mathematics. But there is so much software available that you don’t have to know much coding nowadays.

  3. I’m actually writing a tutorial right now on how to create a custom WordPress page. Very basic tutorial, but it should be up by tonight!

  4. Janessa says:

    Good luck!! This is on my “things to learn” list too. Maybe someday…

  5. I want to learn too!

  6. It is never too late to learn! Good luck!

  7. I know enough html to get by. I used to want to learn it but I lvoe wordpress so much now I don’t know that I’d ever make a static site again. PHP is what I’d really like to learn now.

  8. Little BGCG says:

    We have a lot in common, I want to learn web design too! I did my blog myself but I know I still have a lot to learn!

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