Happy Hour Diva Of The Week- Kidsumers!

Name:  Sheri…AKA… Sam
  Blog: www.kidsumers.ca

1. To help us get a better idea of your personality, pleas describe yourself in 3 words. Artistic, Determined, Multi-tasker

 2. What is the name of your blog and how did you come up with its name? Kidsumers. It’s a play on words from “Consumers” and I came up with it because I originally was making a website for my son to do reviews on children’s products. That was about 8 years ago and didn’t work out, lol…but I liked the name and decided to use it again.

3. What do you think sets you apart from other mom blogs? My family covers most age ranges since my kids range in age from 2 – 18, so we have a huge range of experiences here every day. From scraped knees to broken hearts, and potty training to driver’s training…life is never boring here!  What makes your blog special? My kids make it special :) At least to me! I try to make them a part of most of my reviews and they are easily the topics for most of my family posts.

 4.What is the “best “post you’ve ever written?   That’s a tough one. When I made the blog public I removed a lot of posts in order to save myself some grief, and all of my favourites would be in there! I had a lot of people emailed me about this one http://www.kidsumers.ca/2010/10/not-what-i-expected.html .

 5.The craziest keywords people use to find your blog? There hasn’t really been any crazy keywords…just product names of things I review or freebies. 

6. Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi!

 7. Share with us your best stress reliever? Chocolate!

 8.What is something “not” a lot of people know about you but you WISH more people did know OR wish they didn’t know? I love storms. If there is a tornado warning, I’m outside hoping I can catch a glimpse of it (but not a close one!). I seriously want to be a storm chaser when I retire!

 9. How old would you be if you “didn’t know how old you were? Thirty. I wanted to be thirty from the time I was in my early twenties, and I was really happy when I got there! It’s a great age.

10. Everyone was part of some clique in High School, where did you fit?  The In crowd or out Crowd? I was completely “in” with the “out” crowd, lol. 

 11. Name one thing you can’t live without? My laptop and my blackberry…I know, that’s two but both are extensions of me!

 12. Are you more like Martha Stewart, Peg Bundy or Rosanne O’Connor? Hmmm…can we add in Deb from Everybody Loves Raymond? Everyone says I’m like her.

 13. If you were a T-shirt, what would it say? Ssssshhhhhh. Why? There is no quiet in my life, and I’m desperate for it!

 14. Now this wouldn’t be happy hour if I didn’t ask…so what is your favorite cocktail? Long Island Iced Tea

You can find Sam at her blog  daily.    Stop by to say hello and let her know I sent you.   You can also connect with her  on Twitter @kidsumers  and Facebook



  1. Stefanie says:

    YAY to the Mexican food! Mmm….making me hungry!

    Nice to learn more about you Dee!

  2. monique says:

    Wow! You have a lot of blogs LOL! It’s addicting though. So I understand. I like this feature. You get to know the blogger a bit better.

  3. Tammy says:

    Dee is so super sweet – I’ve gotten to know her a little better since the beginning of the year. She’s super helpful with advice too!

  4. Love these kinds of posts!

  5. I love how you describe yourself first with the word sarcastic. Love that! :) I love reading too, but don’t allow myself that luxury enough. However yesterday I started a book for the first time in a month (Shanghai Girls). Have you read it? I’m just two chapters in, but it’s so good!

  6. Great interview!! Love reading these :) I love me a good storm too!! More lightening and thunder, the better!!

  7. Great Interview!

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