Dee’s Daily Pet Peeve

Take a close look at this picture?   Do you notice anything wrong, out of place, or eye catching.  Now don’t go looking to hard, my fridge may need a bit cleaning but I’m trying to get to the point.

Take a closer look, just in case. 


What  if you had your mouth fixed on a nice glass of O.J. first thing in the morning.  Would that be possible?  NOPE. 

Not in this scenario, complete disappointment. 

  This is what I had to look  forward too.

Totally not a full glass of O.J.   If this was me preggo a few years back, someone would have had it really coming.  Me and O.J. had a fling back in the day. I just had to have it.


Maybe so, but it’s just yet another one of those things that get me peeved.   People just finish the juice off already!


  1. Connie says:

    Love it and yes, that’s happened here MANY times….but I look at it this way. I’d rather have that and the person who did it in my life than to be alone and always have everything right were I put it. Relationships are messy :)

    • Dee says:

      Connie SO TRUE! I wouldn’t give them up for anything. And yes, relationships are messy….I never thought of it the way LOL :)

  2. Lisa says:

    this makes me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dee says:

      lol. It can sure drive you batty, and then you’re left with taking out the container.

  3. Little BGCG says:

    lol I noticed right away, it’s happened way too many times to me! I’d rather they just finish it!

  4. Becca says:

    In my opinion there is one thing that’s worse…and my sister does it all the time. She puts EMPTY containers away! That makes me crazier!

    But I do agree with you…at that point just finish it (and throw it out!)

  5. This happens in my house all of the time, my 15 year old won’t take anything if it isn’t enough for a serving for him. He’s been known to put empty things in the fridge too.

  6. I don’t get that either! What is everyone’s problem?

  7. Katie says:

    fortunately in our family, none of us drink the same thing. I don’t drink OJ or 1% milk, my husband doesn’t drink milk, and my daughter doesn’t drink skim milk. So if anyone leaves that little in the container, they only have themselves to blame!

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