Daydreaming: Good for Relaxation

Daydreaming, relaxationI daydream a lot. In fact, I use daydreaming as a means of escape when I need one.   Like now,  I’m daydreaming about all the things that need to get done around the house and somehow wishing it magically gets done,  C’mon.. don’t tell me, you’ve never done it?   We all do it, or at least most of us do.

So why is it looked upon negatively?  According to a WebMD article I read recently,  daydreaming gets a bad rap in our society BUT also noted that  there are some benefits.

Daydreaming is looked upon negatively because it represents ‘non-doing’ in a society that emphasizes productivity according to John McGrail, a clinical hypnotherapist in Los Angeles. “We are under constant pressure to do, achieve, produce, and succeed.”

But on the flip side of that , daydreaming can actually be beneficial and help boost your productivity and we could all use a little boost once in a while.    It’s simple, free and  a way to make you feel happier and calmer faster.

So If you are a day dreamer, continue to do so..

Here are some ways it helps you.

Manage conflict
Maintain relationships
Boost productivity
Cement values and beliefs
Boost creativity and achieve goals
Relieve boredom

So when was the last time you daydreamed?


  1. Execumama says:

    Happy to hear that! I'm an avid daydreamer :)

  2. Stesha says:

    Daydreamers now have validation!

    There are days when I just sit on our porch and daydream about so many things.

    Hugs and Mocha,

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