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Everybody likes to save money and I’m up there with the best of them trying to get the best deal for my hard earned cash. I scour the internet and hit every store in the mall before making my final decision. This goes for everything from cosmetics and clothing to services such as internet, TV service and phone.

My motto is, why pay full price when you don’t have to. With I don’t have to. is your one stop source for online coupons, deals and specials. They have coupons for your favorite store or product and no more running all over the place to get the best deal. Heck, you can get the deals while still in your P.J.’s.

One thing I’m looking for right now is a new bundle for phone, TV and Internet and has the deals to help with AT&T U-verse Coupon Code. I’m not quite sure how AT&T U-verse works but I do know they provide TV, high speed Internet and both home and wireless phone service. Yes, you read that correctly, you can get them all in a bundle and only have to pay one bill. My husband likes consolidating the bills so makes me happy by saving money and AT&T U-verse makes him happy by saving time when he’s making out those checks. Well, to be honest saving money makes him happy too.
While your at checking out the deals on AT&T U-verse take a look around to see what other coupons, deals and specials you can find.


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