Moon Dough Magic Zoo Review

A couple of years ago we were introduced to Moon Sand. It’s sand that you can shape and mold but never dries up. The downside was that it was VERY messy. It is still sand and therefore gets in everything and is a pain to clean up. But now there’s Moon Dough. Replace your play dough with this fun and easy-to-clean-up-after material.

Moon Dough comes in various colors and also does not dry up. It is hypo-allergenic and wheat-free. My daughter said, “Wheat-free?! But you’re not supposed to eat it!” It’s a strange texture but easy to work with. In addition to the dough and molds, Moon Dough also comes in various playsets.

The Moon Dough Magic Zoo is very clever and is guaranteed to bring a smile to your little one’s face. It comes with four molds, three colors of dough, two wind-up feet, stickers and the play structure set.

Assembly is easy and straight-forward. Click this, pop that, and stick on. The dough is really amazing, especially when used in conjunction with the molds. I was surprised at just how detailed and sturdy the dough was after coming out of the mold. The fence mold was a bit tricky but we found that you can be a bit rough with the dough to make an exact shape. The pieces then fit together and you can make a pretty cool fence, if I may say so myself!

You might be wondering how the wind-up toys fit into this. Here’s a quick video of how to use the playset with my daughter being a lovely ‘Vanna White”.

The ‘cranking’ does take a bit of practice so that the mold casing opens correctly. My husband found it a bit creepy but my daughter and I were thoroughly amused. After making the three animals in the various colors, it was time to clean up.

Just take a hunk of dough and squish it onto the smaller remnants on the floor. Nothing is stuck on hands or on clothing. If you’d like you can vacuum up any minuscule bits or wipe it down. The small area of laminate that my daughter was playing on seemed a bit slick so we just wiped it up a bit. Simple, eh? I think we’ve found a keeper!


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  2. My kids have wanted this but I was afraid it wood be as messy as he sand…guess I don’t have to worry!

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