Tips that Make Vacuuming Fun

When it comes to household chores, vacuum cleaning has to be one of my favorite chores.  It’s easy and you can really make it out to be a workout while doing an already everyday chore.  You can also get the kids involved in it too.

No matter how you look at it, some will always look at vacuuming as a chore and it is, but why not make the best of it and at least make it fun.  Call me crazy, but am I the only one who loves to see the freshly lined streaks in the carpet?  I actually find myself playing around strategically placing them just to go over it again.  For me,  that’s Fun, but for those of you who need a little bit more inspiration to get the job done, here are a few tips that might get you inspired to pick up the vacuum.

1.Get the best VAC for You. Let’s all remember that not all vacuum cleaners are created equal.  Choose a Vacuum that meets your needs and works best for you.  The goal here is to work the vacuum and not let it work you.

2. Start Small. Some folks need a plan.  Choose a day of the week that you’d like do all of the vacuuming.  If that’s too much in one day, why not choose a room to vacuum each day.  Whichever one you choose at least it will get done.

3. Get Physical.  Since I love to move to music, this has to be my favorite! So why not pop in your favorite CD and move to some tunes.  Not only are you getting work done, you’re working on your cardio and feeling good about it.  The added bonus to this is that you can tone those abs and muscles too, which in this case, vacuums can become a girl’s best friend… YAH!

4.  Get your husband and kids involved.  Kids are already full of energy so what better way to get them involved in the chores and help out a bit.  I just told my husband the other day that he looked quite SEXY working that VAC.  He didn’t find it amusing but it sure did give me a chuckle.  Anyways, a girls gotta try.

5. Relax:  Now that the vacuuming is done, enjoy yourself!  Enjoy yourself in a happy, healthy, dust-free and vacuum-filled home!

Now what about you?    I’ve shared with you some ideas that get me going, What are some tips and tricks that you try to make vacuuming fun?

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post.


  1. Love #4. Hubs vacuums all the time here.

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