The Cutest PetSmart Coats and Toys

Our pets can very much become like our children and in their own ways require pampering, toys, and special love.  We rescued our dog last November and it has not been a move that we have regretted even once.  One thing that has been hard for him and us is the fact that we live in North Dakota and he was born and raised in North Dakota.

When I had the chance to review PetSmart’s holiday line – I did it because I thought it would be fun never realizing what a blessing this review would be.

JD is pictured above with his great Santa coat and stuffed toys from PetSmart.  This wonderful coat, while being festive through the holidays, kept JD from being cold.  He is always shaking in our home and when he goes outside it is even worse.

Now that the holidays are over and JD can’t wear this particular coat anymore, I have looked through their great selection to keep him warm throughout the rest of winter.  We still have much it left here in ND.

I plan to order the “I’m a Good Dog” sweater for him during the warmer times of the year.  However, this definitely will not work for this winter.

The sweater I have settled on is this adorable Martha Stewart Gray Barn Sweater.  I had a hard time choosing especially when I came across the Harley Davidson sweatshirt.

When it comes to the perfect pet items, PetSmart has some great gifts, toys, and even clothing for your favorite pet.  JD with us Boxer/Black Lab body fit well into an XL.  There was still lots of room in the belly area for a larger dog but it was perfect for how long he is.

And if you are hosting the SuperBowl, make sure you check out their great NFL T-shirts and Jerseys.  JD is getting this great Cowboys shirt to wear.  :-)

If you are looking to make your dog stand out any time of the year, definitely check out the options at PetSmart.


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