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With the holidays comes a lot of great cooking and sometimes we need just the right spices to make a meal flavorful.   Spike Seasoning Magic comes in a variety of Natural Seasonings that are made without preservatives and have zero calories per serving!  They also have, LOW SODIUM, SALT FREE and VEGGIE FLAVORS that are GLUTEN FREE perfect for the health conscious cook.  There are many varieties to choose from and would make a great addition to any holiday meal!!

Some of the varieties include:

 Spike Original Magic!
 A delicious blend of 39 exotic herbs, vegetables and spices with the perfect amount of sea and earth salt crystals...  Gluten Free

Spike Salt-Free Magic!

Similar to the Original Magic, the salt-free seasoning is all-purpose and is a healthier option for those who are avoiding adding salt to their foods. Salt Free and Gluten

Spike Hot ‘N Spicy Magic! 

If you’re the Hot N’ Spicy type when it come s to flavor than this one is for you .You will definitely want to Kick it up a notch with added, garlic, onions, and peppers. Gluten Free

  Spike Vegit Magic!

The Spike Vegit can be added to variety of dishes but I’ve found it to be great on veggies.  It had a really good taste which made the veggies a tad bit tastier.   With this one, you get a superb blend of natural herbs, spices, leaf and root vegetables, carefully balanced to enhance the flavor without adding salt.  Gluten Free

Spike Vege-Sal Magic!

Here you get a unique blend of the finest, all-natural sea and earth salt crystals with 14 choice fresh-dried leaf and root vegetables plus sea kelp.  I’ve never tried an all-natural sea and earth salt crystals before so I can’t wait to give this one a try soon as I find the perfect meal to try it on.

 Spike Garlic Magic!

I absolutely love garlic so I could not wait to give this one a try and all I can say is WOW.  It just so happens to be one of my favorites. I’ve used this one on several dishes and have not yet been disappointed.  It’s definitely not like some of your other garlic products.  Salt Free and Gluten Free


A fragrant blend of sweet basil, oregano, marjoram, thyme and rosemary. Salt Free and Gluten


I just love lemon pepper so what can I say?  A zesty mélange of pure lemon crystals, non-irritating white pepper and 17 other flavorful, all-natural ingredients.

Spike Onion Magic!

Another Goodie.   100% salt-free onion powder combined with 9 delicious all-natural ingredients. Salt Free and Gluten

Spike Tenderizer Magic!

The 3-in-one tenderizer for unbelievably tender meat and poultry with a natural, flavorful taste. 

Buy It !

 You can find spike at most grocery and health food stores and you can also order here.

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 One Cocktails with Mom reader will win the same set of Spike Seasonings featured in this post!!

Mandatory Entry:  Tell me which one of the seasonings you are most excited to try.

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    I’d love the SPIKE 5 HERB MAGIC. It would be good on pasta, ir grilled chicken – love italian flavors!

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