Scunci Hair Accessories Review

scunci hair accessoriesI love scunci as a brand already. That is all the hair products I get for keeping my hair up. Though lately I have been dismal about them. Why? Well I have really long hair (it’s almost too my butt when wet) and it’s super thick. I hardly get it cut cause whenever I do the hair dressers groan and complain about my hair. I remember when I was getting it done for Homecoming Dance once upon a time, and I had to stay after closing, and after another girl, cause it was taking her forever and I had way too much hair. So I was looking forward to trying out the new technology and products scunci came out with! Good things come in small packages especially with scunci hair accessories, which can take your hair from drab to fab in seconds.  Here are two of the latest lines from scunci!

If you’ve tried every hair tie, hair band, and clip imaginable and still nothing seems to stay put in your hair, here’s the solution! The new Evolution hair ties, hair bands and clips, are the latest expansion of the scunci No Slip Grip line! This great collection utilizes new technology to create hair ties, hair bands, and claw clips that won’t come out until you take them out! The hair bands and hair ties now have a new “jelly” look and feel to them that is perfect to hold your hair comfortably all day, and the traditional claw clips now have inner teeth to create a tighter, stay-put grip.

My Thoughts: I LOVE THESE! Seriously! I had the regular no slip grips for my hair. And I could use them just once. Because they would get all stretched out or break, and I wear my hair up pretty much all of the time so I was going through quiet a lot of them! But these, I have none of the problems! They come in pretty colors, and are keeping my hair up without stretching or breaking. I am super impressed!

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Want to try something fun and festive for the holiday party, but are worried you might lack the styling skill? Try the scunci Upzing double combs! Easy to use, comfortable enough for every day, and sophisticated enough for special occasions, the Upzing accessory is perfect for all hair types.  It has a lasting hold and can be used to create dozens of styles, ranging from polished ponies to glamorous up-dos. It is composed of two hair combs attached to a fabric or beaded elastic for the stunning look. Slide, stretch and “zing”: three easy steps to a stunning new style.

My Thoughts: I loved this! I never thought I could get one of these to work with my hair before because it’s so thick and heavy. I received a medium Upzing, and I probably could use a large since I really could only do the ponytail hold and have it stay. I love this so much though, and I think it’s so nice to have a classy, modern ponytail that I am going to go buy a large.

Buy It Now:Scunci Upzing and Evolution products are available nationwide at mass market and drug store retailers.

Disclaimer: I received samples from scunci in order to write my review. No other compensation was provided.


  1. Karen says:

    I am 58 and have never ever been able to keep combs in my hair, and I love the way they look. I got one of those Scuncii Upzing things, and I LOVE it. Hear me, I LOVE it! it looks so cute and stays in all day.

  2. Melissa Kelley says:

    Just wanted to wish you and your family a healthy and prosperous NewYear!

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