The Wisk Lipstick Stain Experiment

As a part of the Wisk Beta Blogger Program , I’ve had the opportunity to try out Wisk over the course of the past few months on various common household stains.    Our final project this month is treating oil stains.   Oil stains can appear in many forms such as peanut butter and even your favorite salad dressing, but did you know that most lipsticks and lip gloss fall into that category as well?  Yep, they do, and you would think that since I’m such a lip gloss kinda girl I would know this, but hey you learn something every day!



Today’s experiment was a pretty simple one. Since Wisk also wanted to encourage some well-deserved “me-time”, we received some lip gloss, a compact mirror, a hand towel, and of course some Wisk-Deep Clean along with a cute little make-up bag.

To get started, here is how the experiment went.

Delicately apply lip gloss and Pucker up !

Blot towel and Add some Wisk!

Rinse stain under warm water








Enjoy  a beautiful hand towel that’s clean again!

Like you…As a mom, I am always seemingly fighting some type of stain but Wisk has made that task so much easier for me.   As a participant of the Wisk Beta Blogger program, I have to say that I have enjoyed the mini lab experiments and of course using the new Wisk on my family’s laundry.      For me, the Wisk brand is here to stay and I have confidence in using it to keep my family’s laundry CLEAN!

If you haven’t already tried the power cleaning of Wisk, be sure to Visit to download a coupon so you “TOO” can reap the benefits. You can also visit Wisk on Facebook or follow @Wisk on Twitter.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Wisk.  While I did receive compensation to participate, the experiences and opinions expressed are, as always, my own.


  1. Michelle says:

    I am still amazed at how well this works!

  2. OK, I totally need this! I live in makeup and anything that can get my lipstick out of clothes/napkins/towels is OK with me. ;)

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