My Coleman Backyard Staycation

I grew up with camping. It is in my blood, and I just love to do it. My husband did it a few times with his summer camp, but never with his mom. She’s not an outdoorsy person. When I got the chance to receive some great products from Coleman in order for my family to have a staycation, I jumped all over it. Coleman will last us for years, and we can move from the backyard into the real wilderness I hope, or at least a camp site.

Coleman gear

I got in the mail the following:

    • Sundome 6 Tent
    • Willow Creek Sleeping Bag
    • Extra High Queen Airbed
    • Quad Lantern
    • 50qt Extreme Cooler
    • 2 Stacker Jugs

TentTent set up

My husband was very apprehensive about setting up the tent. I remember it was slightly difficult with the tents we had over 10 years ago in my family. We were both very surprised about how easy setting up the tent was. It took us about 10 minutes. That was it! It was great that it took that short of time, since the kids were coming over to see what we were doing and wanting to walk on the tent while it was still on the ground. Once it was up Hunter and Landon were having a blast playing inside of it. It was super roomy in there. Just setting up the tent gave me nostalgia from when I was younger.

In tent

Next was the air mattress and the sleeping bag set up. It was very smooth to set up, and the quality of both items were superb. We had another air mattress already so that was where Landon and I were going to sleep. Hunter was going to have the sleeping bag. Well it turns out our stayacation didn’t turn out very well. Landon wouldn’t fall asleep out in the tent so me and him went inside. Than an hour later Hunter came in because the crickets chirping were scaring him. It turns out it was because Landon and I went inside and he was scared without us. So Cory stayed out there by himself… until 1:30 am. He was too big for the sleeping bag and he got cold. It was our first cold night of fall, and it got super cold.

sleeping bag

I want to mention the Quat Lantern, because this may be my favorite part of the whole package! It is super bright, but what I love is that you can take off one side and press a button and that will light up. Perfect to leave the rest of the lantern in the tent, but if you have to go outside you can just take one side. We experienced a power outage of 3 days in a blizzard last Feburary. We did not have a lantern, just candles for light. Now I am saying, BRING ON THE POWER OUTAGE! Maybe when it’s warm though, but at least we will have light! The taking it apart and still having light though is a big one. I never knew a lantern could do that!

So this stayacation was a bust. Next year though I’m going to make us all to go a campsite to get some real camping in. I know that is going to be a much more successful venture than this one was. I hope.

Disclaimer: Thanks goes to Coleman for letting me review some of their great camping products! You are going to create a lifetime of memories for my family. No other compensation was provided other than the products I received.


  1. Looks like you had a blast with your family!! Great review :)

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