Women’s Tees from Blue Platypus

I recently had the opportunity to review a shirt from Blue Platypus.

About Blue Platypus…

Our company, Blue Platypus, was conceived in November, 2003. It has 3 main people: Heidi (President and designer), Scooter (vice president and assistant designer), and Big Dave, the financial wizard. We are based in sunny South Pasadena, California.

We are mid-century modernists at heart, although we find inspiration in various places. Our biggest inspiration is probably vintage furniture and clothing (mostly 1920s to 1970s). Furniture by Ray and Charles Eames, Eero Saarinen, and Heywood Wakefield heads up our list. Other inspirations include paintings by Shag and architecture by Frank Gehry.

Prints, patterns, and colors from different eras play a huge role in our designs. Clean geometric as well as fluid organic shapes, e.g. silhouettes of heads, are featured in our designs. We believe that the juxtaposition of diverse elements in surprising ways is essential to the evolution of design. We create surface interest and create a cornucopia of flavors.. We also like to have prints that are interesting from afar, and surprising when scrutinized closely.

Our biggest inspirations in current fashion are the prints and clever trims used by designers like Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs as well as the prints on bags by Angela Adams and Transversion Airlines. Companies such as Stussy and Penguin are more favorites.

One last note: in our line, we want images to speak for themselves, so we try to limit the words. Occasionally we have a word-oriented design, but we strive to create images that are strong on their own. We try to avoid generic sayings and words, and use letters as visual elements as well as meaning. We do name each of our lines, and many designs feature on the back or sleeve as well as the front, to create 360-degree interest.

I immediately fell in love with the Vine Floral Mahogany shirt.

About the shirt…

This extra-long mahogany tee features a beautiful discharged design of a flowering vine. Snug-fitting through the hips, this shirt looks fantastic with an oversized belt. Contemporary sized, but it does fit a bit tighter than other Blue Platypus silhouettes, so if you want it to fit more loosely, order a size up! It is longer than it appears in the picture, will definitely cover the hips.
XS, S, M, L, XL.

How gorgeous is that?

I was not disappointed when the shirt arrived.  It was just as pretty out of the box as it was on screen.  This shirt should have a warning label… Warning- May Induce Envy!

This shirt is extra-long and the bottom hem landed just below my hips.  It is lightweight and very breathable.  Perfect shirt for a hot day, or to be layered with a shirt over it for a cooler day.

The shirt was a bit snug on me, which is entirely my OWN fault (I did not pay close enough attention to the sizing information on the listing).  I ordered an XL.  According to the site, the XL fits a size 10.  I am NOT a size 10.  LOL.

The sizing chart on Blue Platypus is

  • XS fits 0-2
  • S fits 4 (comfy) or 6 (snug)
  • M fits 6-8
  • L fits 8-10
  • XL fits size 10

Must be UK sizing, because US sizing is M 10/12,  L 12/14,  and  XL 14/16.

However, I love this shirt so much, that I might just hang it up with my skinny jeans and use it as my motivation to lose weight.

Blue Platypus has a great selection of funky fresh tees to spruce up your wardrobe.  Just be sure to actually read the sizing information contained in the listings.

And they currently have a super clearance sale on their summer items!

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