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When you’re in the market to make a new purchase, sometimes it just makes sense to read up on it and hear what others have to say.  I know in the end, the decision will be yours but for me, hearing both the positives and the negatives of a product helps me make a sounder decision which is why I like places like

All is just like the name implies – it’s all about reviews.  You have access to reviews on just about anything.  Everything from, baby products, computers, hair straightener reviews  and more.  For example, like this Karmin Titanium Review.   If you were to go to the site, you would select the beauty tab and a list of options appear.  Select the category of your choice and browse.  You can even browse by price, brand or iron type.

The site has hundreds of reviews for various products you can read upon.  I may have a few purchases in the very near future so it’s nice to know that there is  a site like this I can take advantage of before hand.  

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