Holiday Gift Guide: Heely’s


My Kids have wanted Heely’s  for the past two years.  However, due to popular demand they could never find the size or style they wanted so I think I will try again this Christmas.  I know some kids that have Heely’s and just love them.  For those of you who don’t know, they are basically a combination of a shoe and a skate.  You can use them as sneakers, and also convert them to a skate by the flip of  a wheel allowing kids to skate around too.  I have known about Heely’s for years, but until recently I noticed the   styles and colors have expanded.  Priced from about $30 to $60, I think these are a great because serve a double purpose…A nice pair of shoes and a gift/toy for your little one.  I wonder how many adults have these cause boy, they sure look fun.

You can pick up Heely’s at Finish Line stores, as well as on Zappos,, and Amazon.

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