Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play

photo by: treehouse1977

Today, All of the Nickelodeon channels and websites went dark in honor of the Worldwide Day of Play. I did not know that. I actually stumbled upon it while flipping through the channels today as my son and I were searching for something to watch.
To our surprise, the channel was blacked out for a total of 3 hours from 12noon to 3pm. All we got was a message stating that “Today is Worldwide Day of Play….Turn off the Television, Shut Down the Computer, Put the Cell Phone Down.” Then it goes on to say, I’m talking to you, lol. I actually sat there a few moments and listened to it over and over before it sanked it. They REALLY were talking to me.
I thought that was an awesome thing for the network to do being that kids spend hours and hours in front of the television. The idea was to get kids off the couch and out of the house for some fun activities. I totally get it. Since we don’t usually spend too much time watching television on Saturday it really didn’t bother me or the kids that much. It was a great opportunity to go outside and enjoy the nice day we had. The kids played while hubby was doing yard work….I supervised.
There were quite a few kids out today…..parents too. I’m not quite sure if they were participating in today’s events or just enjoying the nice weather but, nonetheless, it was nice to see families out today since that is not the norm around here.
We spent about 4 hours out today which included a trip to the mall :). I’m sure that counts. Doesn’t walking around the mall constitute as exercise? I thought so.
Today was a nice day. We enjoyed ourselves and may take the opportunity to enjoy another day out tomorrow.
What about you? Did you and your family take part in Worldwide Day of Play?

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