Le Whif- New Chocolate Inhaler Without The Guilt

Do you LOVE CHOCOLATE but concerned about the calories?Well this is for all of you Chocolate Lovers! I stumbled upon something recently that you may just enjoy. Wheter you’re a lover of dark chocolate, white chocolate or rich creamy milk chocolate,this may be the answer to all of your chocolate cravings.A Harvard Professor by the name of David Edwards had you in mind when he created an inhalable chocolate called Le Whif. Thats right! Inhalable chocolate!!! Sounds intriguing, right? Well, claims are that one puff of this chocolate gadget will coat your mouth with chocolate and each puff is only one calorie. Flavors come in chocolate-mint, and chocolate-raspberry, naturally. So where can I get some? Le Whif can be purchased online HEREAs a self proclaimed chocoholic, I’m not quite sure if inhaling chocolate can take the place of the Whole chocolate experience. Thats my take, what’s yours?


  1. Brochure Printing says:

    Wow! I definitely need something like this! I have such a sweet tooth for chocolates, it seems like no meal is complete without having some of them, or other desserts too possibly! :) Is it really 1 calorie per puff?

  2. Dee@CWM says:

    Yes, I enjoy chocolate myself but I don't know if this would do the trick. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try and as far as it being 1 calorie, Hmmm…that's what they say, lol.

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