I’m Allergic To Your Fragrance

A great many of us enjoy the use and smell of a really nice perfume from time to time but then there are others who cannot not tolerate the smell at all. What about you? Are you the one who just LOVE the fragrance of a really nice perfume or are you the one who has to keep yourselves distant due to fragrance allergies?

YEP, there is such a thing called fragrance allergies and it affects a lot of folks who may not even know they have one. I, for one, am not sure if I have a fragrance allergy or not but I do know this….I truly cannot tolerate many fragrances wheter its perfumes, body washes, air freshners, candles etc. There are times when I walk into a room where someone is wearing perfume or colonge and I can get a headache almost instantly. Not a good thing at all. Is my nose just that sensitive or maybe I do have this allergy and just never knew it.

Experts beleive that some fragrances are considered sensitizers that cause allergy to individuals who are prone to frangrance allergies. It is believed that it is caused by the chemicals used to produced the fragrance.

If you ever wondered if you have a Fragrance Allergy, here are some symptoms:

Smooth, raised pink or white bumps that appear on or beneath the skin
Nausea or dizziness
Itchy skin, eyes and nose
Runny nose
Difficulty breathing
Sore throat
Asthma attacks or asthma-like symptoms
Strange tastes in the mouth

This list could be a very good indicator that you may have a Frangrance Allergy but I would still consult with a doctor or dermatologist just to be sure.

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