AAA to the Rescue

Are you one of the many that have received those email offers from AAA for their roadside service? Well, I’ve received plenty and usually just toss them to the side and eventually just trash it…..until recently. About a month or two ago I debated about wheter to take part of the program and finally gave in. At the time, they were offering a free membership for a household member with one paid membership. It seemed like a deal so I said, why not? I’m so glad I did.

After enjoying such a “Lazy” weekend, I needed to run out to pick up a few items. For what started out to be a 5 minute run turned out to be an hour and a half wait in Walmarts parking lot. Let me fast forward. After leaving out of Wally World with my One, Two, no Three items I came for, I got into the car and put the key in the ignition. Nothing happened so I waited a while and still nothing. I sat there in disbelief before I realized I had AAA Service. I smiled, I was feeling good at this moment since I Just enrolled a few months ago. Even better, I also had my “new” cell phone that I just received two days ago after not having one for almost a year. Talk about timing.

So I called AAA and talked to a very nice lady and explained to her my situation. She informed me that someone will be there within 30 minutes. Too me, her saying 30 minutes seem liked 3 hours under the circumstances. To my surprise he was there in fifteen. I was pleased. The guy, again, a very nice man took a look at the battery, ran a test and gave me a jump and the car started up immediately. We exchanged thank you’s and he was on his way.

I was glad to be heading home….BUT…..wait! the car killed on me again and I could see him exiting the parking lot. I quickly called the dispatcher back again, explained to her the problem and she quickly dispatched the guy back again. We went through the process again but this time it would not take a jump at ALL. He decided I needed a tow truck. This time I knew the wait would be a bit longer since it was near 3pm and Texas traffic is no laughing matter around this time. I waited for about 30 minutes and not one BUT three trucks arrived with minutes of each other. We had to resolve that issue but eventually I was towed home.

I’m saying all this to say that….. although some folks would argue wheter paying for road side service is a waste of money, I would somewhat disagree. I understand that most folks may not get their moneys value over the course of their membership but mine paid off in that one day. To me, peace of mind is Everything. Knowing that at any time of day or night I can call and someone will be at my service is well worth it for me.

I’m not tooting AAA’s horn by no means but when I receive good service and see the genuine efforts of folks, I like to acknowledge that. Like many of you, I appreciate good service when I receive it. So once again, thanks AAA.

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