A Mom to Two Boys…

For Those of you who do not know, I’m a mom to two boys. Two very energetic, loving, caring, and extremely handsome little boys that is…and they are my everything. I also have a handsome, loving and caring husband who I just adore. It’s just the four of us and we have some really fun times together. I enjoy being the only girl….most of the time. The thing is–lately, I’ve been wanting to do girly things and have someone to do them with me. Having the boys participate in my girly events is a BIG NO. NO. –No way shape or form–That thought never crossed my mind.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I miss having a little girl around. Someone to play dress up, hair to comb, got to the mall and just enjoy the things I enjoy.

Don’t get me wrong, I Love Love having boys, I wouldn’t change that fact for nothing in the world. They bring me this joy and happiness that is unexplainable and I cannot imagine life without the boys because that’s all I know. It also has its advantages. I am well taken care of and loved by the men in my life. I’d admit it, they have me spoiled. They see Dad taking good care of Mom and they are following in his foot steps. Little men in the making. I really cannot complain.

But back to these thoughts I am having. It must be a phase I am going through. It has to be or do I really have the desire to have another baby? Am I serious? I do not know what all this means but the thought of it sure is nice but then again….What about all those sleepless nights? I really have to give this one some thought.


  1. Brochure Printing says:

    That's such a sweet thing, you being spoiled by all three of them :) I'm sure your boys will grow up and become good husbands and fathers, you and your husband have set a good example to them.
    Having another baby is definitely a big decision to make, good luck!

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