So I Married a Football Fanatic

My husband is a football fanatic and die hard Steelers Fan. So for the next 20 weeks he will eat,sleep,and talk a whole lot of football. Being the wife of a FANATIC, I tried to get into and possibly like his favorite pastime. Don’t get me wrong, I watch it, understand it, and even enjoy it, but just not that much of a die hard. I’m personally a New Orleans Saints fan so Go Saints!!!

Sundays are big football days around here. More so for hubby. It starts off early. First the pre-game shows and then the big games. I say games because, he watches them all. He would be lost without his Sunday Ticket…This way he catches ALL of the games and highlights. Other football fanatics would know exactly what I’m talking about. During game time, he likes what he calls his football foods which consists of BEER, WINGS, SANDWICHES and CHIPS so I try to accommodate him and even catch a game or two – but after a while I’m all footballed out and or frustrated.

You see – The boys and I have learned to leave “this man” alone when he watches sports. He talks to the television and argues with the players and coaches. He gets in his zone and is not to be disturbed. We like to talk, ask questions and joke around but that’s a Big no-no during the game, during commercials….maybe. We get the LOOK and it’s time to go. Talk about grumpy. Who wants to watch football and not be able to talk? No fun at all!!! But that’s fine, we find better things to get into.

I may still catch the occasional game or two because I do enjoy watching from time to time but for the most part….during the next 20 weeks, Sundays and Mondays (Monday Night Football) will be his time to unwind and the boys and I will be finding Better things to do rather than being told Quiet…The game is on!!! Whatever!!!


  1. Dee says:

    Don's a Kansas City Chiefs fan. He's not a fanatic with the Sunday Ticket but I'll check the listings and if there's Chiefs game being shown in Alabama I give him permission to watch and be loud. Yes, he loves to yell at the TV, scream, jump up and cheer.

    Me, I'm a from Chicago so it's Da Bears all the way.

  2. Setta says:

    No! I hate football. I can not believe it's already back again. Those Chiefs are always playing. I live in California and Win has a K.C. Chiefs Cell phone case, mouse pad, etc. I hate it when he listens to the game as he yells loudly and claps. At which point the little children start to cry, my daughters start to complain and the neighborhood dogs start to bark. I have to start to scream at him to be quiet. I worry that the neighbors will call the L.A.P.D. from all the noise at the house. Personally, I am ready for the week after the Super Bowl. Super Bowl Sunday is the very best time to shop in the grocery store too. There is never a line.

  3. CWM says:

    I see a common factor here. Loud talking, screaming and yelling at the televison. hmmm…must be a male thing.

  4. agngg says:

    Yup! Mine too! He no longer has the Sunday Ticket because I found a better deal with another provider and switched it…not realizing he would no longer be able to get the Sunday Ticket…Ooops!! My bad! (hahahaha)
    So he's pretty mopey now that it's starting but I'm ecstatic! I just saw a commercial for a new iPhone app that links with the Sunday Ticket….thank god we don't have it any more!
    What's the deal with pre-season, post-season, season, pre-game, game and friggin' post game! Enough is enough! lol

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